TED Talks

3D Printing

Lisa Harouni walks us through the basics of 3D printing and how this technology would change the manufacturing world. Could it one day be part of our many gadgets in the home? If so, imagine the possibilities! We could design and produce our own clothes, jewelry, shoes, decor, etc. The efficiency is unbelievable; it could potentially wipe out labor, particularly child labor in developing countries.


The Power of Touch

My sister, a Professor in Computer Science, once asked me why people often only associate improved living with health professions. Why kids say “I want to be a doctor because I want to help people live better”? She argued any profession can achieve that goal and further stressed the importance of technology. I was reminded of her visions when I chanced upon this field known as Haptography (or Haptics):

In a fascinating talk by Katherine Kuchenbecker, I am further enthused about the future that technology has in store for us. :)

You Are What You Eat

Ever heard “You are what you eat”? Well, what if you are surrounded by only junk food services? You become junk? No, you grow what you eat! Gardening empowers us with healthier eating habits, a relaxing form of physical exercise (what oxymoron), lowering stress levels, and so much more!

While I don’t appreciate the style and [foul] language of our speaker, his message is clear – you change a community by changing the composition of its soil.

A Happy Family

I once had someone told me they dislike me for my “perfect family”. We were too happy, which apparently was a flaw. So I told that person of the hardships my family went through, why we’re far from perfect, yet perfectly happy. And in many ways, we’re no different than the other happy families out there:

Bruce Feiler walks you through a business “formula” called agile programming that could be applied to families. Quite honestly, it sounds very much like Stephen Covey‘s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but simply re-packaged and given another name. Nonetheless, I find his talk applicable to the modern family’s struggles to function in a stressful and often chaotic world.

Education in the Cloud

When my brother bought our first family computer, I was fascinated with it and diligently learned to master the keyboard. Back then, computers were chunky and had limited options. Now, a computer could be the key to level the playing field among the privileged and poor. Watch how a man installed a computer through a hole in the wall and effectively gave kids the single tool to transform their self-education.

This talk won the TED prize and Sugata Mitra was awarded $1 million to pursue his wish. His vision of education in the future was exactly how I have always wanted to be taught. Not only does it promote global understanding, it is powerful in that it plants a seed for self-efficacy. Knowledge should indeed start with a question.

Combat Writer’s Block!

The creative process cannot be rushed; we must await our muse and be inspired. Unfortunately, that is impractical advice in a world filled with deadlines. Yet, the more pressure we receive, the slower we produce quality work. In an enlightening talk, bestselling author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert, revealed her secrets to combatting writer’s block:

It turns out, all one needs to do is show up. So block out at least an hour each day and devote that time to your creative process. Show up and do your work. Your genius will take care of the rest.

Google & Innovate

15-year-old Jack Andraka discovered a new diagnostic tool for pancreatic cancer. It would only cost three cents and take five minutes. Most astonishingly, it has a 90% success rate – much higher than any existing tools. Jack takes us through his incredible journey in the following TEDx talk:

The ability to discover, to innovate lies within everyone. And we fortunately live in an age where information is at our fingertips. Take advantage and make a difference!