Taylor Swift: 1989

Album: 1989
Artist: Taylor Swift
Genre: Pop, Rock
Release Date: October 27, 2014
Track List:

01 Welcome to New York
02 Blank Space
03 Style
04 Out of the Woods
05 All You Had To Do Was Stay
06 Shake It Off
07 I Wish You Would
08 Bad Blood
09 Wildest Dreams
10 How You Get the Girl
11 This Love
12 I Know Places
13 Clean

He Said
For the past several years, Taylor Swift has skated a fine line between country and pop. While 1989 is her fifth studio work, she actually deems it her first… given that it solidifies her transition into a full-on pop singer. The album is a cohesive effort that plays well, but lacks the uniqueness that made previous albums memorable and distinctively “Taylor Swift”. Perhaps this is reflective of today’s mainstream pop, but many of the songs sound similar not only to one another (while listening I sometimes wasn’t sure when one track stopped and another started) but also to music made by other artists. The music is too loud on most songs and the repetition felt like just that. Swift’s songwriting, which had matured so finely seemed to have again taken a step backward, but it is definitely still present and shines in creative songs like “Clean” and “Wonderland” (bonus track found on Target exclusive Deluxe Edition) – which are my favorites.

She Said
There’s not a trace of country in this pop album. The theme of love also took a back seat. Perhaps her more limited dating pool these past two years provided little material for the album. 1989 is an improvement from Red and is defining a new Swifty era. Her vocals showed maturity and she wrote of love from a different angle. The album as a whole is a lot more upbeat than her previous works. It would serve as a nice workout soundtrack or morning routine music. My favorite track from 1989 is “This Love”, which is reminiscent of Swift’s true storytelling days. As for her music videos… I have no comments on her weird dance moves.

We Say
Taylor Swift: Pop Star is here to stay and 1989 is her coronation. It is filled with cookie-cutter pop songs that are meant to be cheeky and fun.


You Say:

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