How to Show Up, Shine, and Succeed at Work

My friend once said that if you hit the Snooze button three times (or more) in the morning, you don’t love your job enough to get up. If you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t hold personal meaning or challenge, it will suck energy and joy from all your life’s domains. So let’s fix that ripple effect with the following three steps:

1. Find Your Purpose
We wrote before that you shouldn’t follow an old adage that may be misleading: follow your passion. Instead, create your passion. Look at where there is overlap between what you’re good at, what you care about, where there’s value and a need in the marketplace that creates opportunities, and where you have some experience and skills. You’d be surprised that the answers may lead to your current job. After all, there is a reason why you sought and got that job in the first place. Sometimes, work can seem mundane. But don’t forget that you can reinvent your work. No one is stuck doing exactly what the job description says. Find where you and the job agree and focus on that aspect.

2. Stock up on Grit
Grit is the perseverance to stick to your long-term goals. Cultivating grit prevents burn outs and promotes resilience. How, exactly? Start by breaking a large, overarching goal into smaller parts. When you consistently realize these small goals, they build satisfaction, pride, and a steady appetite for accomplishments. You’ll start seeing your tasks as opportunities to excel and reach a greater good. Soon, that big goal will look a lot more attainable and you won’t be tempted to quit midway. Also, many studies have illustrated the strong correlation between exercising and grit. The hard work you put in at the gym to tone your muscles actually helps build your mental muscle. So, get moving!

3. Practice Self-Compassion
Embrace the fact that to err is to be human. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t ignore. Don’t overcompensate. Do not fear failure. Fear, instead, the inability to learn from failure.

We Say
It’s hard to always be perky. It’s hard to always be your best. The great news is… you don’t have to. We can afford a bad day. Even a bad week won’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of life. Don’t allow a few hurdles to interrupt your life. Get on track. Get going. When things get tough, hit the Reset button and persevere. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect, aren’t what you expect — that’s the beauty of life. Find your purpose, break down your goals, and keep on keeping on. Don’t forget that being you is always more than good enough. :)


You Say:

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