Travels: Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns: Located in Virginia, Luray Caverns is said to be the largest natural structure in the Eastern coast. It was discovered in the 1800s and the entire stretch of the tour inside the caves is over 1 mile. Photos cannot capture the experience of viewing these caves. We did get dripped on by cave water, but fortunately it wasn’t very cold. The ticket includes admission to their museum, which has some nice historical artifacts. We advise against The Garden Maze (additional fee) – it is not worth the frustration on a hot afternoon.

Mimslyn Inn: We dined here for lunch. An amazingly elegant atmosphere. But more importantly, delicious food!!! Nhi has never liked French onion soup, until now. The food came in big portions and were reasonably priced. The service (albeit slow) was pleasant and thick with Southern hospitality.

Shenandoah Skyline Drive: The view was so underwhelming that Nhi lowered her car seat and napped halfway through the drive. It felt like we were trapped on an endless, drab course with no end in sight. (It didn’t help that we lost phone signal for much of the drive and literally had no idea where we were and how much longer we had to go until we could escape). Don’t waste your time, gas, and $15. Countless highway routes are more awe-inspiring. What’s more? They’re absolutely free. We were particularly disappointed since we had a breathtaking experience in Upper Michigan with the scenic drive of Sleeping Bear Dunes. We recommend that in a heartbeat.

We Say
A staycation is great for short, budget-friendly travels. We recommend a visit to DC and the additional ~2 hours to Luray, VA. Our visit was trimmed short due to Nhi’s work schedule, but we read great reviews about the historical sites in Luray as well as Shenandoah Valley. Perhaps our travels will lead us back to this region one day.


You Say:

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