Modern Family’s Wedding Event

Modern Family showcases a very unconventional extended family, but truly at its core, the show embodies traditionalism… in the sense of values and ideals of love and family. After 5 years, Cam and Mitchell joined the “married” ranks with the other main couples of Modern Family. Of course, not before some hilarious chaos ensued…

He Said
When Modern Family premiered in 2010, it was a refreshing and rather ingenious take on the “family sitcom” genre that was all the rage of former decades (such as Full House, The Brady Bunch, and Growing Pains). With a snappy pace and clever jokes, Modern Family was a hilarious comedy with a great cast. Modern Family has won the Emmy for “Outstanding Comedy Series” every year since its inception, but my love for the series waned over the years. I felt the show was growing tired, with forced, uninteresting plots and cheap jokes. There were too many “misses” in later seasons compared with “hits” and I felt it lost the freshness and wit I so enjoyed… I eventually just stopped caring to watch this season. The season 5 finale (“The Wedding” Parts 1 & 2) is reminiscent of the “magic” Modern Family used to have on a consistent basis, blending witty comedy with a meaningful undercurrent.

She Said
I must admit my puzzlement that Modern Family‘s season 5 finale is considered a historical television event (as it featured a gay wedding on primetime TV on a broadcast network). I’m baffled that marriage equality isn’t considered commonsense and its acceptance needed to wait this long. Love is love. Cam and Mitchell are arguably the strongest couple on the show. They have consistently shown resilience, understanding, and growth. Their wedding, with its untimely and hysterical out-of-this-world obstacles, only strengthened their strong commitment toward love and family. I applaud the writers for a beautiful and comical finale.

We Say
Hands down the best writing of the season. (But Nhi is still pulling for The Big Bang Theory to win at the Emmy’s.) Instead of being background noise to our dinner, Modern Family‘s season finale grabbed and held our attention from the start. The writing was crisp and the acting spot on.


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