Grey’s Anatomy: Farewell Cristina Yang

A decade in the making… one of the most powerful and unique characters in TV history has left. Grey’s Anatomy bid adieu to another original five M.A.G.I.C.

He Said
The problem with truly saying “goodbye” is that there’s never a “good time”. Perhaps this is why the writers tried to distract viewers with a too-busy and yet disengaging “terrorist” plot for the bulk of the season 10 finale. There was too much going on and yet not enough at the same time. For the most part, I felt like the episode was cold and boring (save for a few scenes). The final minutes do pick up and offer some intriguing story lines for next season.

Cristina Yang’s season-long exit has been crafted in a way that was almost too overly sped up and contrived. While I found the Meredith vs. Cristina “fight” in the first half of the season interesting and rather realistic, I believe it was too quickly resolved (albeit more believably than Callie & Arizona’s reconciliation) to pave the way for Cristina’s exit in a way that’s both meaningful and fitting for the character. As a whole, the writers stayed true to the character and offered Cristina a very nice “ending” and provided as much closure as they could. Her final scene dancing with Meredith was a nice call-back to the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy‘s past. I appreciate that for the first time in the history of the show, a character was not written out with death or vanished [i.e. into a parking lot]. Cristina truly got a very happy “ending”.

She Said
There were moments when it all felt very anticlimactic (terrorism plot = half-baked drama). The goodbye, the journey’s end felt contrived. The finale gave the impression that Sandra Oh needed to leave, not Cristina Yang. And yet, the season’s penultimate episode made me thrilled for Yang’s journey ahead. So what went wrong tonight? Too many distractions and too little “feels”. Even the best relationship on the show, namely the twisted sisters, gave a torpid dance party. I admit I teared up a little – but only because I was reminiscing their past memories, not because the goodbye was in anyway heartfelt. Perhaps this was purposeful for Grey stressed this isn’t the end. It is merely an exit. Indeed, the finale left the door wide ajar for Yang’s return when the time comes for the show to end. To be sure, the show has no plan on ending soon. They made that point clear when the finale left enough time to create a new plot twist and give MerDer their habitual conflict. However, this could very well be the end of the show for us. While I had appreciated Season 10’s focus on research, the show’s heart relies on drama and angst. Unfortunately, Yang’s exit also signaled the end of a very witty and brilliant era that balanced angst. While I used to attribute all those positive traits to Bailey, she has slowly become a shadow of herself. Aside from the twisted sisters, I am not invested in any other relationship on the show. It would have been wonderful if season 10 is indeed Grey’s last before this drama inevitably dies as it struggles in its new time slot against The Big Bang Theory.

We Say
Sandra Oh, a five-time Emmy nominee, gave a splendid and consistent performance throughout her 10 years with Grey’s Anatomy. She brought Yang to life – with all her quirks, arrogance, and charm. We wish her the very best in her next venture into live theatre!



You Say:

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