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15-year-old Jack Andraka discovered a new diagnostic tool for pancreatic cancer. It would only cost three cents and take five minutes. Most astonishingly, it has a 90% success rate – much higher than any existing tools. Jack takes us through his incredible journey in the following TEDx talk:

The ability to discover, to innovate lies within everyone. And we fortunately live in an age where information is at our fingertips. Take advantage and make a difference!


One comment

  1. I would appreciate this talk even more if Jack gave a small demonstration on how his diagnostic tool works. In fact, without such demo, my sister was inclined to think this clip is a spam. :P

    But I love that Jack gave a broader talk than just about diagnosing cancer. He’s inspiring us, pleading us even, to use all our resources and invent. It’s powerful to think anyone can make a difference and become a mechanism for change – for a better world.


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