App Recommendations: On The Road

Last year, I purchased my first car. It had 13 miles on it. Cut to 8 months later? Over 15,000 miles! My tires have driven through 16 states as of today. One of the “joys” of being on the road (besides seeing the different places) is to hear the region’s radio stations. While the songs may be the same, there’s a different “feel” with the radio personalities/news/commercials.

iHeartRadio captures this experience into a fantastic app that allows you to listen to any station (on their network) in the US regardless of where you are. Currently I’m in Detroit, but iHeartRadio makes me feel like I’m in New York City when I tune into 103.5 KTU. The audio is crystal clear. You never have to worry about losing your favorite radio station anymore!

Besides offering “live” radio, you can also tune into some of your favorite radio shows at your leisure, such as the feel-good wisdom and song choices of Delilah.

While radio is great, it can get boring hearing the same songs over and over again.

For a change of pace, I listen to Podcasts. With the iOS 6 update, Apple gave podcasts its own app. Some hated this change and wanted it back within the “Music” application. If this change never happened I probably would never have discovered this gem of an app. There are hundreds (thousands?) of podcasts available on Apple’s Podcast Store in various genres. If you search, there’s likely one (or two, or three…) that will capture your interest.

We Say
“iHeartRadio” and “Podcasts” are two fantastic apps that are a definite “must” for anyone who drives long distances (or have a tendency to be stuck in traffic). They make the miles seem much shorter and your trip go by much faster!

(Note: We only have Apple products; we do not know if these apps are also on Android.)



  1. Living in central Pennsylvania means I only get access to three radio stations. Thanks to iHeartRadio, I am no longer limited. iHeartRadio also has a nice feature where you can set your alarm clock to your favorite radio station!

    I also love Pandora as my go-to music app. It allows you to tailor your own radio stations by telling Pandora which songs you like or dislike. I also enjoy its preset stations; I listen to the Relaxation station every night before going to bed. :)


    1. One feature Pandora lacks in which iHeartRadio and Podcasts have: a sleep timer. :)

      I already see Chinese artists (i.e. Raymond Lam) on iTunes and Psy is still (undeservingly) leading the charts so I’m sure it won’t be long for Vietnamese music to catch up. :) If it does happen, I think My Tam will be the first. She tends to get more international exposure than the rest.


      1. That’s definitely a feature Pandora lacks. I have my music player for that :)

        I must not have the right music taste, I haven’t heard a chinese artist. But I heard Korean one.


  2. I just learned that iHeartRadio offers artist bio and lyrics for most songs. It is quickly becoming my go to music app. :)

    As for podcasts, I’m enjoying TED talks immensely and make it a point to watch one video a day (or listen to its audio version).


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