Power 90 Workout

Have you heard of P90X? Maybe you’ve seen the infomercial that runs rather frequently on TV that promises “beach bodies”? Perhaps you’ve heard celebrities rave about it? Or heard it from the lyrics of Bruno Mars‘s “The Lazy Song”? When it comes to products sold through infomercials (especially those that promise “life changing” body transformations), we are rightfully skeptical. However, when it comes to Tony Horton‘s P90 series, these programs are not gimmicks or “quick fixes”. They work – as long as you put in the time and effort you definitely will get results.

The main P90 family…

Power 90
P90 Master series

Power 90 is basically the “beginner’s version” of P90X, but it’s no joke. You will sweat buckets and become sore from it! All of the P90 programs are intense exercise regimens that are generally 30-60 minutes in length designed to burn fat and build muscle (combined with proper diet) in 90 consecutive days.

Good health is such an integral part of a beautiful life. Good health starts with the little routines – eat better by adding more greens to your diet and workout regularly to burn off unnecessary calories.

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He Said
I used to be fat. Like most, I became aware of P90X flipping through the TV one day. I am not athletic and don’t like going to the gym, so I was very intrigued with the prospect of being able to work out in the comfort of my own home (plus, I was excited by the promise of a new body in 90 days). After doing some research online, I concluded that P90X was probably too advanced for a beginner like myself, so I took the advice of some reviewers and purchased Power 90 instead.

Thanks to Power 90 and diet modifications, I have lost around 30 pounds. I am very grateful for this program. I plan on progressing through the series (up next: P90 Masters) to continue to transform my body. I am definitely on my way to a “beach body”! More importantly though, I feel much more healthy, fit, and happy.

She Said
My father once said, “How can you maintain your great mind without having a strong body?” In our weekly phone conversations, he would always remind me to exercise. To me, working out is not about losing weight but keeping fit and toned. I love the Power 90 series as it doesn’t require tools beyond a resistance band. (Of course, you can also drink protein shakes to build muscles.) It only takes 30 minutes a day and makes you feel great afterward. The released dopamines make you feel happier and can improve your sleep pattern. (I speak from experience.) A good workout also makes you feel more efficient and energetic. Such little resources can yield tantamount results!

We Say
Love your body the way it is. Love it even more, toned. Get your fitness on and enjoy a more energetic, productive lifestyle! The Power 90 series offers a very doable and effective workout regimen, especially for beginners. Get the benefits of a gym without ever having to leave home! The excuse of “not having time” is invalid when you have these DVD’s. You can exercise whenever you want with a “personal trainer” who will guide you through everything and help you towards success. Remember – you get what you put in, so just have fun and start moving!



  1. Confession: I have never actually made it through 90 days straight of P90. If I did, perhaps the results would be more dramatic. However, I’m not striving to compete in any body building competition. :P I’ve been using P90 on/off for the last 4 years and only more seriously committed “90 days” to the program recently and I must say that the results are definitely more profound.

    P90 is probably not challenging enough for those who frequent the gym, but it is more than adequate for those who want to be healthy and increase their fitness without having to go to the gym.


  2. I’m so behind this year I haven’t even revised/revisited my new years resolution, but keeping fit is definately one of them! I actually never heard of this Power 90 series, but since its words coming from you guys I’m keen to try!


    1. Guess we’re the first to bring P90 to “the land down under”. ;) Haha. Let us know what you think of the program if/when you try it out! It is great for keeping fit/toning/losing weight. Good luck with your goal!


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