Taylor Swift: Red

Taylor Swift became a household name that one fateful night at the MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye West interrupted her speech. Since then, she’s been unstoppable with endless awards and record sales. Her latest CD…

Album: Red
Artist: Taylor Swift
Genre: Pop, Rock, Country
Release Date: October 22, 2012
Track List:

01 State of Grace
02 Red
03 Treacherous
04 I Knew You Were Trouble
05 All Too Well
06 22
07 I Almost Do
08 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
09 Stay Stay Stay
10 The Last Time
11 Holy Ground
12 Sad Beautiful Tragic
13 The Lucky One
14 Everything Has Changed
15 Starlight
16 Begin Again

Accolades: Red spent six weeks atop Billboard 200, making Swift the first artist in 43 years since The Beatles to log six weeks atop Billboard 200 with three consecutive studio albums.

Purchase Red: Audio CD | MP3 [+digital booklet]

He Said
I was shocked when I heard the first single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on the radio. It felt like a giant step backwards from the very delightfully mature-sounding “Safe and Sound” (from The Hunger Games movie) and Speak Now album. It sounded childish and the lyrics were worse than the days in which Swift sang about fairytales and princesses (ala Fearless). I kind of hated Red the first time I listened to it. I skipped through most of the songs after sampling them and felt none were memorable. I concluded that Swift had diverged from her roots and became a pop star who used autotune and synthetic instruments.

It wasn’t until I heard a cover of “Red” on YouTube (thanks to Nhi’s subscriptions) that I decided to give the album another chance. With more patience and a closer ear this time around, I felt like I was listening to a different album. While the songs on Red are not as meaningful or memorable as some of Swift’s past works, they are nevertheless catchy, addictive, and rather fun.

She Said
I was very critical when I first listened to Red. I basically skipped every song after 30 seconds since I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t give Taylor a fair chance. So I had a second listening, which went much better. I still have my reservations, however, and won’t give it a glowing review. While there was musical diversity, her lyrics lack the maturity seen in Speak Now. Overall, Red is a forgettable album with only a few good hits.

We Say
Red is a departure both musically and lyrically from Taylor Swift’s past records. These songs are not country with a very pop twist. They are pop songs from a singer who formerly sold herself as a country artist. Bottom line is that Red is “different”, but if you give it some time, you may like what you hear.



  1. There’s definitely more musical variety in this album compared to her past works and some of the music arrangements are refreshing and interesting. Overall I like this album. :) The acoustic version of “State of Grace” is beautiful (sounds so different stripped!). “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” grew on me and I like the tongue-in-cheek nature of the song – it’s quite hilarious (especially the music video). I’m excited to see what Swift’s next CD will bring! She has impressive talent in song-writing and musical arrangements and her vocals have improved tremendously.


You Say:

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