A New Beginning

They say that two heads are better than one. Not only do we have two heads, but also two very opinionated minds. This blog is a shared collection of thoughts we formed as we go through our daily lives.

Need to find a good movie? Want to know where to go? Got an iPad and need good apps? Hungry and in need of food ideas? Answers to those questions and much, much more will be found at this blog. We will review things we have tried, watched, used, or eaten. We will share our advice and tips on various topics based on our own life experiences and the places we traveled to.

Why be limited to one voice when you can get two here? We hope you will Consult the Couple and also share what you have to say!



      1. Thanks for your support in the past! You won’t find any news/information on this blog… just lots and lots of opinions and personal stories. But hopefully you will find it entertaining nevertheless and will continue to read! :)


      2. Perhaps we can call this a lifestyle review blog, as we will be covering almost every topics under the sun. :) For a personal blog, then TkN Portrait would satisfy that category more.


      1. Yeah TVB Guide. But your blog tkn also have some tvb reviews. lol. There’s a lot less tvb blogs now. Rarely seen any active tvb blogs. Series have degraded anyway.


      1. It is great to “see” and hear from you too, hyn5! :) Yes, I graduated almost 2 years ago. I am now a licensed pharmacist, but I decided to further my studies and complete training as a pharmacy resident. I am now 1/2 done with my second year of residency and am currently job hunting!


  1. Funny how I wasn’t surprised at all upon realizing that MetalAZNWarrior’s “reincarnation” would be a blog run with Nhi. ;)

    A great and cute concept. I love blogs written with two people’s points of views! That’s why I run one with my best friend now, hehe. I was a bit hesitant when hearing about a possible return from Metal. Since, just the other day, you told me you couldn’t blog even if you tried. :P It’s a relief to see that you’re back blogging/writing and enlightening us with your thoughts again, but as the person you’ve become and are now, instead of who you were in the past. I’m excited for this new venture of yours. You worded it perfectly. It’s a reinvention, not a comeback. Which is why I’m going to start calling you by Thanh now. :) Welcome (back) to the blogosphere Thanh! Sincerely, your “student”, forever and always. :P

    Looking forward to reading more from the two of you! Always a delight hearing your thoughts.


    1. Thanks for your support, “student”! :) I have only written documentations in patient charts and projects/work relating to pharmacy in the past few years… so I didn’t know if I could write for “leisure” anymore… But once I started writing for this blog, the words seemed to write themselves. I feel it is magical. I am very excited about our blog’s format and love that we will get to blog about many, many different things! We hope to keep the blog running for years to come. Coming back now, it feels different and much better.


      1. I know what you mean, and that “magical” feeling is what has kept me blogging all these years, and why I never stop writing. I love when I get the inspiration and/or motivation for something I love and the words just come pouring out. Lately, for me that is more with music than drama. :P Good, keep the variety! If it’s something I’ve learned, it’s to blog about something you enjoy. Can’t wait for more. :)


  2. Great to see that Metal’s coming back after so long! Used to read TVB Musings for reviews and the impression of Linda Chung being your favourite is still there :X A little dissapointed that this isn’t a TVB related blog, but i’m glad that you’re at least back blogging and it’s with Nhi writing together with you :) It’s amazing to see how you guys met thru tvb (or was it indirectly thru blogging :x my apologies if i’ve not gotten it right)

    Congrats on your engagement as well! :)


    1. I think TKN portrait and TVB Musing must have known each other in real life and they happens to be tvb bloggers too. I would be surprise if you guys know each other only online. It’s fate. A lil disappointed this isn’t a tvb blog too but it’s nice seeing TVB Musing back.


      1. I remembered that post but didn’t read it properly. Forgot how you got the name Metal and Warrior. Only remembered you compared your relationship with Seung Joi Sum and Raymond in Heart of Greed.


      2. jnewin – Need to clarify… Our relationship was *never* compared to Seung Joi Sum and Alfred. That would be quite an insult as their relationship was filled with mistrust and cheating. Metal only commented on their journaling and how it made him comfortable to blog about his personal life.


    2. Lyricalstars – It does feel like a long time. :) Thanks for checking out this blog and hope you will support it like with TVB Musings. I think this blog will be higher quality and more “useful”/informative. Hopefully equally (if not more) entertaining. Yes, your memory is correct in that we met through blogging/TVB world. As we like to say it… “fated by stars”.


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